Transocean Searcher

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Specification for "Transocean Searcher"

Here are the specifications of "Transocean Searcher" as shown on the home page of Transocean Inc.


Transocean Searcher
The TRANSOCEAN SEARCHER is a Bingo 3000 design semi-submersible drilling unit capable of operating in harsh environments and water depths up to 1,500 feet using a 18¾in, 15,000 psi BOP and a 21 in OD marine riser. 
Rig Type Other Floaters 
Design Trosvik Bingo 3000 self-propelled semi-submersible 
Builder Kaldnes Mek Verksted, Tonsberg, Norway 
Year Built 1983/1988 
Classification DnV + 1A1 column stabilized unit IMO C6MS 
Flag Bahamas 
Accommodation 100 berths 
Helideck 25m x 25m, rated for Sikorsky S-61 
Station Keeping Moored 
Max Drill Depth 25,000 ft / 7,620 m 
Max Water Depth 1,500 ft / 457 m 
Operating Conditions Significant Wave: 9m; Wind: 51.7 m/s; Current: 1.6m/s 
Storm Conditions Maximum Wave: 32m; Wind: 102 knots; Current: 1.8m/s 

Technical Dimensions

Length 246 ft  75 m 
Breadth 206 ft  63 m 
Depth 43 ft  13 m 
Operating Draft 79 ft  24 m 
Ocean Transit Draft 30 ft  9 m 
VDL - Operating 3,361 st  3,050 mt 


Liquid Mud 2,095 bbls  11,762 cu ft  333 cu m 
Drill Water 7,652 bbls  42,962 cu ft  1,216 cu m 
Potable Water 2,428 bbls  13,632 cu ft  386 cu m 
Fuel Oil 5,850 bbls  32,845 cu ft  930 cu m 
Bulk Mud   9,535 cu ft  270 cu m 
Bulk Cement   9,535 cu ft  270 cu m 
Sack Material 2,000 sacks     

Drilling Equipment

Derrick Maritime Hydraulics, 160 x 40 x 40ft; 590mt nominal capacity, Oilwell E-3000, 1½in drill line and Elmagco brake, , , , , , , , , ,  
Motion Compensator Maritime Hydraulics CBC270-25 angle crown mounted: 269 operating; 589mt pinned 
Top Drive Maritime Hydraulics DDM-650-HY, 590mt 
Rotary Oilwell A-49 49½in opening 
Pipe Handling Maritime Hydraulics 3 arm system; Maritime Hydraulics Iron Roughneck 
Mud Pumps 2 x Oilwell A-1700 PT; 1 x CEmsco FB-1600 
Shale Shakers 4 x Thule VSM 100 
Desander N/A 
Desilter N/A 
Mud Cleaner 1 x Thule VSM 200 w/ (16) 4in cones (650 gpm) 
BOP 2 x Cameron 18¾in 15,000 psi, double U-2 rams; Cameron 10,000 psi annular Vetco 15,000 psi wellhead connector 
LMRP Cameron 10,000 psi 18¾in annular, Cameron 10,000 psi connector 
Diverter Regan KFDS 49.5in 500 psi w/ 2 x 19in OD flowlines 
Control System Cameron BOP hydraulic control system 
Riser Regan FCH-8 21in OD riser; 50ft joints with 15,000 psi 3in ID C&K lines 
290mt max. tensioning capacity 
4 x MH 22mt 
2 x MH 22mt 
Choke & Kill 2 x Cameron fixed and 2 x Cameron adjustable chokes 
Cementing Halliburton HCS-250 11,200 psi diesel driven unit 


Main Power 5 x Bergen diesels(2580hp) each driving 2625 kw generators 
Emergency Power 1 x Caterpillar D348 diesel engine driving a 550 kw generator 
Power Distribution 10 Siemens/static converter 600 VAD-8204-60Hz each 
Deck Cranes 2 x M.A.N. Wolffkran, 42m boom, 50mt @ 7m 
Thrusters 4 x Liaaen azimuth thrusters (two on each pontoon) each driven by 1550 kw electric motor. 
Propulsion Thrusters 

Mooring Equipment

Winches 4 x double Norwinch hydraulic winches 
Wire/Chain 8 x 6,500ft x 3inch K4 chains 
Anchors 8 x 12mt Bruce anchors ea